Winner: Audience Award for Best Pitch at the BIO-Europe 2018 Startup Slam!

reVision Therapeutics was pleased and humbled to be chosen for the BIO-Europe 2018 Startup Slam competition.  We were thrilled and more humbled to win the Audience Award for Best Pitch.

BIO-Europe Startup Slam 2018

reVision at BIO-Europe 2018

Our Indications

reVision is pursuing three indications, each of which could change patients’ lives.

  • First, a therapy for Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic disease that inevitably leads to blindness, and for which there is no approved treatment. 
  • Second, a therapy for proliferative vitreoretinopathy. PVR is a very rare disease, occurring in about 10% of patients with a detached retina and 40% of patients with an open globe injury. PVR leads to loss of visual acuity or even blindness in the affected eye and there is no medical intervention. 
  • Third, a dry eye disease therapy. Dry eye disease is widespread and reduces quality of life, productivity, and often vision, which remains poorly managed. 

New therapies with a new commercial model

As you might expect, repurposed and rescued products don’t have a lot of patent life left.  Our dry eye candidate would have short regulatory exclusivity in the US and in the rest of the world exclusivity is uncertain. What is certain is the patients’ need for effective treatments. And so we also aspire to find a way to make a repurposed or rescued medicine with limited exclusivity more commercially attractive.  How? Start with a molecule that could have high disease impact – make a drug that could sell itself. Then, get patient interest groups to contribute to the cost of development. Get payers to commit to making the drug broadly available to patients on an exclusive supply basis for a defined time.  The bargain for this risk sharing? A commitment to set a price below a new molecule and above a generic, and a commitment to long term price stability.

Paul at Bio-europe

Kari Bennet of EBD interviewed Paul about reVision, BIO-Europe, and the Startup Slam.